Koziołek Suchodołek
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Rancho Pod lasem
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Wczasy dla Rodzin
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Dworek na Woli
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Mazury - Zacisze
Mazury Kruklanki Miejscowość: Kruklanki
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Mazury - Pod Kogutkiem
Mazury Kruklanki Miejscowość: Kruklanki
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Villa Greta - Dla dzieci

Tel. +48 506 112 985


Biuro Obsługi Klienta
Tel. (58) 774 57 54
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Stowarzyszenie Kwaterodawców Miasta i Gminy Zwierzyniec

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Agro-tourism – A. Koman
Address: Agrotouristic lodging, Private lodging
Anna Koman
22 - 470 Zwierzyniec
Zwierzyniec, gm. Zwierzyniec
ul. Partyzantów 66
Telephone: (84) 687 24 48
tel.kom: +48 510 89 47 49
Province: lubelskie
Resort town: lakes and rivers
E-mail: koman13@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kwaterasoltys.pl
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 15
Price range: min 6 EUR, max 8 EUR
the price is negotiable, also on the phone, depending on the time of year and the number of people.
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park a car park under secure a public kitchen a tent pity a public toilet a private shower TV inside rooms bicycles available volleyball pit football

A ground floor, wooden duplex with two flats:

  • the first flat consists of a room, kitchen and bathroom,
  • the second flat consists of two rooms, kitchen and a shared bathroom,
  • the house has an additional veranda.
A part of the house of the hosts has been separated from the rest, it has a separate entry and consists of:
  • 2 rooms, a kitchen, bathroom,
  • the kithchen is fully equipped.
The offer is addressed to all those who treasure peace and independence.

Why is it worth coming to us:
there is a large independent garden with green grass, bushes and trees around the house,
the possibility of lighting a bonfire on the banks of the river Wieprz,
the possibility of renting bikes and canoes on the spot,
"Knieja" a beehive museum – the history of the land in the Gucie Farm-house,
the Echo Ponds neighbouring with the sanctuary of the Polish Pony,
a one day trip to Lwów, Zamość,
nature paths to Bukowa Hill, Piaseczna, along the sand dune.

Attractions nearby:

a baroque church on the island of the Church’s Pond,
the Roztoczański National Park Museum.

Useful information:
bicycle rent - on the spot
sailing equipment rent - 500m
horse riding - 1 km
swimming facilities - 500m lub 2 km
forest - 300m
the nearest restaurant - 500m
train station - 300m
bus station - 500m
grocer's - 100m
Geographical region - Roztocze
Neighbouring cities or localities - Zamość, Szczebrzeszyn,Biłgoraj
Attractives lakes - Zalew Rudka, Stawy "Echo",Staw Kościelny


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