Koziołek Suchodołek
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Rancho Pod lasem
Obozy konne Miejscowość: Rekowo
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Wczasy dla Rodzin
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Dworek na Woli
Noclegi Mazowsze Miejscowość: Kryżanówka
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Mazury - Zacisze
Mazury Kruklanki Miejscowość: Kruklanki
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Agroturystyka U Danusi
Kaszuby Stężyca Miejscowość: Stężyca
Ilość miejsc: 24
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Mazury - Pod Kogutkiem
Mazury Kruklanki Miejscowość: Kruklanki
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Villa Greta - Dla dzieci

Tel. +48 506 112 985

Biuro Obsługi Klienta
Tel. (58) 774 57 54
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Agroturystyka Gacanek - Bory Tucholskie
Address: Agrotouristic farm, Pension
Sambor Mieruszewski
89 - 505 Małe Gacno
Wielkie Budziska, gm. Cekcyn
Wielkie Budziska 31
Telephone: 0000
Province: kujawsko-pomorskie
Resort town: lakes and rivers
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 20
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Price range: min 18 EUR, max 26 EUR
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park garage meals a fridge inside rooms a private toilet a private shower playground planning a time schedule for families TV inside rooms TV-sat boat renting the skii equipment available hunting badmington volleyball pit basketball pit football phone available ball room

Location: Guest-house Gacanek is situated in the heart of Bory Tucholskie and the centre of Woodland Promotional Complex, between two villages - Wielkie Budziska and Małe Gacno. Gacanek is placed about 20 km away from Tuchola in the direction of Tleń, on the lovely and small lake (4.41-hectare).

Surrounding: On the 3.5 hectare's area are placed three buildings destined for guests. First one can comfortable accommodates 20 people in 4, each with separate doorway, apartments. In a second one is a dinning-room and an art - gallery, where are exhibited works of local artists and lovers of Bory Tucholskie. The third building is used as a car- port. All objects are thatched and they refer to an old, regional architectures style. Besides the buildings, in the area of Gacanek are situated: platform for fishermen, covered by grass playing field, three summer-gardens and places for bonfire and grill. The Guest-house is available for guests throughout a year!

Lodging: Each family has to their own disposal a luxury, each witch separate doorway suite, that consists of: hall, bathroom, special place for kitchen witch fridge and a living room with fireplace, TV-SAT and a radio. On the floor of every apartment is a bedroom for 4-5 people, but not less then 2, which is the minimum number of guests in one suite. Untold attraction for guests might be lightening in the fireplace.

Board: We serve to our guests - traditional and regional dishes, prepared according to an old recipes only from our own products, dishes from venison and, of course, fruit from local forests. Guest may to profit from HB variant that consists of breakfasts and dinners, served in homely dining room, joined with the art-gallery.

Offer for companies: We also organise: meetings for companies, conferences and courses in cosy atmosphere and small clusters - to 20 people, joined with such attraction as horse - trips, bonfires and feasts.

Useful information:
horse riding - 8 km
the nearest restaurant - 6 km
train station - 1 km
grocer's - 1 km
Geographical region - Bory Tucholskie
Neighbouring cities or localities - Tuchola, Tleń, Cekcyn
Attractives lakes - Trzebcińskie, Okoninek, Okonino


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Województwo kujawsko-pomorskie